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08 Jul 2016

Pre-K press conference with the members of the Brückner Group

Strategies, figures and innovations to be presented at the K 2016


25 specialised journalists from all over the world as well as local journalists were recently guests in Siegsdorf and Freilassing. They were informed about strategies, business figures and about the individual companies’ innovations to be presented at the K 2016 in October in Düsseldorf.


The strategic management holding Brückner Group presented their growth strategy through leadership in technology as well as acquisitions. The management made clear that the stability within the group is guaranteed by a good turnover development.


Brückner Maschinenbau announced that the demand for biaxial stretched packaging film is expected to grow continuously. At the K show the company will once again be presenting exciting innovations such as BOPP lines with higher efficiency, BOPET lines with unrivalled working widths, simultaneous BOPA lines with a higher yield and Intelligent Line Management for simplified line operation and optimal line availability.


Brückner Servtec, the service & upgrading specialists, introduced several new service offers: Complete upgrading packets for special products, turnkey relocation of complete production lines including modernisation or an extended chain and clip service.


Brückner Group’s Swiss member PackSys Global, one of the world’s leading packaging equipment manufacturers, presented what visitors to K 2016 will be able to see at their booth: 360° digital printing, new heading and capping systems, a new generation of tube packing machines and hot stamping on the latest equipment.


Group member Kiefel informed the press about the upcoming highlights: latest pressure forming machines for an efficient cup and domed lids production, a new space-saving benchtop filling module for infusion bags and the latest welding generator with pioneering semiconductor technology, both for the medical sector.

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