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23 Apr 2012

Brückner Group at Chinaplas: A bundle of pathbreaking solutions for the growing plastics industry

Despite rather cautious economic outlook, Chinaplas 2012 boomed once again, proven by more exhibitors and visitors than last year. This year’s show slogan, "the growth engine for your industries", perfectly characterizes the show’s mission to bring plenty of solutions for various user enterprises by showcasing the most innovative and advanced plastics and rubber machinery and raw materials. And this is exactly what the many visitors at the Brückner Group booth got: trend-setting solutions and technologies for an efficient, profitable and environmentally friendly production and processing of various plastics films.


At the ever crowded booth, visitors not only from China but from almost all over the world were highly interested in present and future issues such as optimum efficiency and profitability, utmost energy and material savings, added value special films or smart service ideas. In many fruitful discussions, film manufacturers and plastics processors showed great interest in:

Brückner Maschinenbau: Brand-new line technology for value added films


Highly productive lines for the manufacture of BOPP packaging films and BOPET industrial applications such as capacitor films or solar back sheets

Sophisticated special lines for the production of high value functional films

Lines for manufacturing environmentally friendly PET-G shrink film

Brand new line concepts for battery separator films


Brückner Servtec: Profitable and power-saving operation of existing lines


Engineered solutions for energy savings

Upgradings and software tools to increase productivity

Latest audio/video communication tools

Manufacturing Management System “MMS” for maximization of plant output and service



Kiefel: Intelligent technology for high performance


Always crowded: The high speed demonstration of “Thermorunner KTR 5 SPEED”, producing drinking cups from PET material

High-performance pressure forming for the cost-efficient mass production of trays and containers, hinged packaging, blister packs, tub lids and sorting elements

Medical Technology: Newly-developed manufacturing solutions for infusion bags

Individual solutions for the Automotive and Appliance Industry 



PackSys Global: Recent innovations for plastic tubes and closures


New LTR2 side-seamer for laminate cosmetic tubes, including the exclusive Inviseam® technology, and the newly released "active seam guiding"

New economical header LSH for cosmetic and laminate tubes, an 80 tubes per minute header with an exclusive 10 minutes size part change-over


Again, this year our customers, friends and suppliers to the industry were welcomed at our reception party held at the Paulaner Brewery at the Bund to exchange ideas for future business or simply enjoy the evening with German beer and food in a nice ambience.

Brückner Group’s Chinaplas staff was overwhelmed by the quantity of visitors and the excellent level of the numerous conversations. We say thanks to all customers and friends and promise: We will further improve our technology, quality and services – and will demonstrate those also at Chinaplas 2013 in Guangzhou in May.


The great interest in new technologies and value added films was already distinguishable in the “functional film” conference which was organized by the China Plastics Processing Industry Association (CPPIA) just before Chinaplas. More than 250 delegates throughout the industry well received the keynote speech on advanced functional films presented by Brückner's Reinhard Priller, Senior Sales Manager and Zhou Housong, Senior Technical Sales Manager. The keynote speech was completed by a highly recognized lecture on Brückner's unique technology for battery separator film production,  for the ever growing 3C, EV and Stationary Power field - presented by Dr. Jürgen Breil, Brückner Maschinenbau’s R&D Director.

The whole Brückner Group team says thanks to all visitors
Visitors were looking for trend-setting solutions - and found them at Brückner Group
Many fruitful discussions at the ever crowded booth
A visitors' magnet: Live demonstration of Kiefel's high speed “Thermorunner KTR 5 SPEED”,
Traditional reception party with German beer and food
Keynote speech at the CPPIA conference presented by Brückner's Reinhard Priller (middle)