Group Vision

Group Vision

The main focus: our customers

The Brückner House

The protective roof - the Brückner Group as a family business

A successful group of companies is distinguished by its long-term strategic thinking. It is essential to preserve the independence and autonomy of the individual companies, while allowing for the synergies and diversification which strengthen the entire group.


The group companies operate independently; each is responsible for its own turnover and is run by its own strong management. Our primary goal is to encourage the group companies – in their respective capacities – to strive to achieve maximum growth as technology and world market leaders.


We are also pursuing a growth strategy which aims at a balanced product and business portfolio.

The future success of the Brückner Group lies in the strength of today’s core business, accelerated by strategic acquisitions and secured by sustainable economic management.

Our pillars – our employees and our technology
Social competence is and always will be a priority for the Brückner Group. We respect each and everyone as an individual. The staff members in our company represent our most valuable asset. Employees are given space to work in a self-reliant manner, and we encourage them to be prepared to take risks. Consensus thinking and cooperation serve as a base.

A key element in the value creation process is the way the Group’s member companies combine their engineering expertise. Development and expert skills are our priorities in order to achieve innovative results and maintain market leadership.


The foundation - the Brückner House is built on quality and competence

The Group is characterized by the above-average quality of its machines and equipment, the exceptional expertise and dedication of its employees and the integrity with which it acts according to internal and external rules.