Technology Centers

Technology Centers

A key element of various partnerships

Brückner pilot lines since 1960

Technology centres are a key element of our various partnerships within the industry. Since the company’s foundation in 1960, Brückner Maschinenbau’s strategy has included the operation of an own pilot line for process and technological developments.


This facility is ideally suited to helping us to develop and offer technological expertise to the market and also acts as a meeting point for raw material suppliers, film producers and converters for their own R & D activities, pre-marketing of their new films or for their staff training.


The unique technology centre offers a wide range of materials to be processed via either sequential or simultaneous stretching, thus transforming them with a minimum of delay. And the Brückner Maschinenbau facilities provide the possibility of verifying and validating new equipment in line with the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Kiefel technology center

In 2012 Kiefel opened up a refurbished technology centre where all knowledge and equipment are concentrated in order to optimize customer service and satisfaction. At its technology center Kiefel offers a comprehensively equipped test facility designed to cover the core techniques of joining and forming.


Customers from the automotive, medical and packaging sectors take full advantage of computer-aided simulation and test procedure planning.


Equipment available includes single-position welding, forming and laminating machines, along with inline systems designed for optimizing products right up to the pre- and full series-production stages. Many of today’s familiar products, such as multi-chamber bags, two-tone door linings or MAP trays, were originally developed at the Kiefel testing facility.