Intelligent Line Management

Intelligent Line Management

What is ILM?

Brückner’s Intelligent Line Management (ILM) is a software suite which integrates management tasks and workflows, present in the ERP system, to the shop floor and the process.


This link between administrative and operative levels provides transparency and flexibility throughout the different production businesses. All information is in your hand!


We keep it in control!

Process planning, execution and traceability are powerful tools for the analyst for decision making in order to achieve optimal results. With the ILM software suite your company can optimize its processes, keep track of the workflows and the data associated to production, print online reports, track maintenance operations and integrate relevant information to your ERP system, leading to an overall improvement of your company’s performance.


Our fully trained engineers can provide suitable solutions according to your business.

What you get

  • Keep track of your production data
  • Online reports
  • Optimized cutting plan (film industry)
  • Planned maintenance protocol
  • Optimized performance by controlling your workflows