Clip and Chain
Professional Clip and Chain Refurbishment

Professional Clip and Chain Refurbishment

Correct maintenance guarantees long life for your machinery, better line performance and therefore lower costs for you!

In Brueckner Colombia, we understand the need of correct maintenance for your line’s chains and clips.


Doing frequent and proper maintenance helps to keep the costly asset of chain and clips in a good shape, fit for a very long service life. When doing this service with us, we assure you the most cost-efficient way maintaining the performance of this important system, detecting problems in an early stage, and taking or advising adequate countermeasures.


Therefore we provide the best way to disassemble, clean, fix and correct small and major mechanical issues, controlling every single step of the process in order to present our customer with a perfectly refurbished product.

All parameters are closely controlled, and continuously reviewed with the expertise of the manufacturer. All processes in Brueckner Colombia have been designed and implemented under guidance and in cooperation with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Brückner Maschinenbau / Germany.


We are proud to have the most modern and most up-to-date facility for the purpose of clip and chain maintenance within the Brückner Group!