About us
About us

About us

Brueckner Colombia S.A.S.

Brueckner Colombia S.A.S., member of the German Brückner Group, was established at the beginning of 2010 with the aim of providing enhanced services to the growing customer base in the Americas.

We had already started to offer a clip and chain refurbishment service, together with a provider based in Bogotá several years ago. As the service was well accepted amongst our customers we decided to restructure the business and establish a Brückner branch. We were already considering offering additional services for our customers in the Americas at that time, such as software programming, implementation and support, as well as process services for the BOPP-industry.

In addition to the standard clip and chain refurbishment, Brueckner Colombia S.A.S. offers a unique service at highest quality levels, including an exchange system established only for this market.


We listen to our customers to understand their needs, always aiming at improving existing services, even creating new services if need be.

We can count upon the strong support of other members of the Brückner Group, wherever and whenever necessary.

Geographically located between both continents, in Bogotá/Colombia, we are at your disposal in your time zone, and also in your language. We have opted to set up the business in the Free Trade Zone of Bogotá in order to allow fast and easy movement of goods, avoiding lengthy import and export procedures.

We are sure to provide an excellent service to our customers, please feel free to contact us with any question you may have!