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09 Dec 2016

Xiamen Changsu paves the way for BOPA 4.0

Ground breaking for a new factory with another four simultaneous LISIM lines


On the occasion of the groundbreaking for a new factory Xiamen Changsu Industrial Co., Ltd created one of BOPA industry's most sensational events in recent time. Representatives from the plastics and packaging industry, high-ranking officials of associations and state authorities as well as numerous journalists witnessed how China’s BOPA pioneer and leading producer paves the way for a successful future.


BOPA 4.0 has meanwhile become a buzz word in the industry. Mr. Wang Zhefu, President of Xiamen Changsu, made clear what this means for his company. In his widely acclaimed speech he said that for Xiamen Changsu LISIM as the fourth generation of BOPA film production technology and BOPA 4.0 are inseparably combined. “Both are synonyms for the highest level of development and the next step in our industry: Not to sell only film, but to provide highly sophisticated solutions for the packaging and food sector by using the most advanced technologies available.”


Brückner Maschinenbau’s COO Helmut Huber thanked for the long-lasting trustful partnership. He said that the already successfully running two BOPA LISIM lines at Xiamen Changsu were the key to the now prepared expansion with another four LISIM lines. And: “The decision for LISIM is a decision for a bright future. And it underlines once more that Xiamen Changsu has become a real global pacemaker in the BOPA film industry.” 


厦门长塑启动 BOPA 4.0的新时代





BOPA 4.0同时成为了业界的流行词。厦门长塑实业有限公司董事长王哲夫先生明确地表示了这对于他们公司意味着什么。在他高度赞誉的演说中,他说对于厦门长塑来说,线性电机同步拉伸LISIM是BOPA薄膜生产第四代技术和BOPA 4.0的紧密结合。“两者对于最高水平的发展和我们行业的未来同等重要: 这不仅仅只是销售薄膜,而且使用最先进的技术为包装和食品行业提供高度专业的解决方案。”


布鲁克纳机械有限公司的销售和项目管理的首席营运长胡博先生特别感谢厦门长塑作为一个长期可信赖的合作伙伴。 他说,长塑两条BOPA 线性电机同步拉伸(LISIM)生产线的成功运行是促使今日扩展增加四条LISIM线的关键。 并且:“ LISIM的决策是一个走向光明未来的决定。他再次强调,厦门长塑在BOPA薄膜行业已经成为真正的全球领跑者。”







Fantastic ceremony on the occasion of the groundbreaking for a new factory
Ready for BOPA 4.0: Mr. Wang (Chairman Changsu Group, center left), Mr. Yan (President Xiamen Changsu, far right), Ms. Mou (Vice President Xiamen Changsu, far left),  two  government officials and Helmut Huber (COO Brückner Maschinenbau, Center right)
Brückner's delegation looking forward to the ceremony
Helmut Huber (far right) explaining some details of the the already running two BOPA LISIM lines at Xiamen Changsu