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09 Jul 2015

Conjunction between Brückner and China further deepened

Visit to Chinese Ambassador in Berlin


Brückner Maschinenbau has a very long-lasting relationship to the People's Republic of China and to numerous customers and business partners there. Over 50 years ago in the1960s, the first Brückner film stretching machine entered China for specialty film production, contributing to the Chinese technology development breakthrough.


With the political and economic opening of the country at the beginning of the 1980s, Brückner was intensifying their business activities in China, thereby actively promoting the film stretching technology and respective applications. Since then Brückner business in China has been steadily growing and today represents a very important part of our global presence.


Along with the business talks Brückner has participated in official visitor delegations, e.g. as part of the business delegation of the former German chancellor Mr. Gerhard Schröder when he visited China in 2003. In addition regular meetings took place with the former Chinese ambassadors at the Chinese embassy in Berlin as well as at our premises in Siegsdorf.


With great pleasure we recently received the honor to be invited to the Chinese embassy in Berlin, Germany, again, to visit Mr. Shi Mingde, the ambassador of the P.R. China to Germany. Mr. Shi was pleased to learn about the clear focus of Brückner to the Chinese economy for many years and also about the support of the present agenda of the Chinese government to promote business in the western part of China.


The ambassador also showed great interest in Brückner’s Chinese subsidiary company located in Suzhou, the number of Brückner employees over there and the many years of successful teamwork with our Chinese staff in general. At the end of a very fruitful visit both parties agreed on the importance of a close and mutually beneficial relationship between China and Germany.





布鲁克纳机械有限公司对中华人民共和国,和在中国的众多客户及其业务合作伙伴有着非常长久的关系。在50多年前的上个世纪 60 年代,第一条布鲁克纳薄膜拉伸机进入中国,生产特殊薄膜,对中国的特殊科技发展的突破作出了贡献。









Shi Mingde, the ambassador of the P.R. China to Germany with Ludwig Eckart, COO Brückner Maschinenbau (left) and Markus Gschwandtner, Sales Director Brückner Maschinenbau (right)