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29 Jan 2014

Chinese film producer signs worldwide first BOPP-C simultaneous line with Brückner

New LISIM® generation, specially designed for top-quality thin films


The film industry worldwide has an increasing demand for innovative, value added specialty products. Therefore Brückner recently received a number of orders for their unique simultaneous LISIM® technology. The reason for this? Using clips driven by linear motors and without any mechanical linkage allows a new level of freedom of adjustment when manufacturing high-quality simultaneously stretched films in faster and utmost flexible production.  


Now one of China’s leading BOPP capacitor film producers has invested in the world’s very first BOPP-C simultaneous line to further expand their portfolio and strengthen their top position by bringing superior high-tech capacitor films into market.


Once again this renowned film manufacturer has taken this step together with their long-term partner Brückner. Firstly, they are very satisfied with their already successfully running Brückner capacitor film lines. Secondly, their management and engineers were thoroughly convinced with the outstanding LISIM® features such as utmost flexibility, highest efficiency and optimized film quality.


Last but not least the new LISIM® generation, specially designed for top-quality thin films, was another decisive factor. This unique system allows to produce ultra-thin capacitor films down to 2µm with very specific, adjustable film shrinkage values in TD and MD direction, achieving very high breakdown-strength due to a high area stretching ratio.

The new LISIM® generation for ultra-thin BOPP and BOPET capacitor films