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29 Nov 2016

BOPA pioneer A.J. Plast forges ahead with Brückner’s LISIM technology

South East Asia’s No. 1 film producer signed a new production line


In South East Asia the demand for high quality food packaging is rising constantly. When it comes to packing ham and sausage, rice and grain, frozen and liquid foods or for vacuum packing, BOPA film is the first choice. The reason is its excellent gas, fat and aroma barrier, exceptional mechanical strength, and also its high resistance to impact, puncture and pinholing for tough packaging demands. 


A.J. Plast is the pioneer in this area: the very first BOPA line in Thailand, the first PA line with twin screw technology, and the widest variety of oriented PA films in the SEA region. In addition to its full range of BO films, including BOPP, BOPET, and sequential BOPA, now the company has taken the next step: At K 2016 they signed a contract with Brückner for a 6.6m wide simultaneous BOPA line with an output of more than 11,000 tons per year.


A.J. Plast’s decision for the LISIM technology was mainly based on the excellent references Brückner has in the market. BOPA films produced on LISIM lines convince through optimized finishing characteristics such as high dimensional stability, good convertibility and printability as well as superior shrinkage properties.


At K 2016 Brückner Maschinenbau presented its LISIM BOPA lines with a working width of 6.6 meters, instead of the usual 5.1 meters, for the first time. A.J. Plast will benefit from this innovation with a 30% increased output and thus will be able to fulfill the markets’ increasing quantity and quality demands.


Contract signing during K 2016: Kittiphat Suthisamphat, Managing Director A.J. Plast and Helmut Huber, COO Brückner Maschinenbau, shaking hands to a prosperous future. Also present: Dr. Vouravis Veerakachen, Deputy Managing Director A.J. Plast (second left), Thosphol Chinandej, Deputy Managing Director A.J. Plast (second right), Michael Baumeister, COO Brückner Maschinenbau (center left), Reinhard Priller, Sales Director Brückner Maschinenbau (center right), Markus Gschwandtner, Managing Director Brückner Servtec (left) and Xaver Sedlmeier, Chief Representative at Brückner Far East Ltd in Jakarta (right)