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27 Mar 2017

Optical films at the highest quality level

Shandong SNTON wins the markets’ broad recognition
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09 Dec 2016

Xiamen Changsu paves the way for BOPA 4.0

Ground breaking for a new factory with another four simultaneous LISIM lines
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29 Nov 2016

BOPA pioneer A.J. Plast forges ahead with Brückner’s LISIM technology

South East Asia’s No. 1 film producer signed a new production line
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16 Nov 2016

Nanjing was worth a visit

Brückner at the Technology Development Conference and ChinaNewplas
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26 Oct 2016

Thirteen companies – five booths – one spirit

Brückner Group’s K appearance was a real hit
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26 Oct 2016

New service offers drives film production forward

Bruckner Servtec at the K2016
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13 Oct 2016

The world’s widest and most powerful sequential BOPA line goes to China

Kunshan Yuncheng meets the rising demand for high quality food packaging
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23 Sep 2016

Open House event in Foshan China

With more than 160 participants, the 2016 Brückner Leading Technology Open House welcomed distinguished guests from across China for the event which happens …
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19 Sep 2016

Lithium-ion technology conquers the USA

The Battery Show 2016 was fully booked and Brückner’s solutions gained great interest
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02 Jun 2016

China’s specialty film pioneer strikes again – once more together with …

Wing Ning has ordered their second Brückner multi-layer line, the sixth Brückner film stretching line in total.
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28 Apr 2016

Great interest in local service and upgrading solutions

Brückner Servtec at Chinaplas 2016
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28 Apr 2016

Chinaplas 2016: Specialty films were the big hit – Brückner presented …

The markets are in need for Brückner's advanced solutions
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28 Apr 2016

Chinaplas 2016 showstoppers: Pressure Forming Machine KMD 78 with Punch …

The SPEEDFORMER KMD 78 with punch press KES 85 debuting at Chinaplas 2016 featured as an innovative peripheral punching technology the key to realizing …
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27 Jan 2016

All about innovative Cup Forming Technologies – Cup Competence Center China

A successful Packaging Technology Seminar organized by Kiefel China Office was held in the premises of Brueckner Technology in Suzhou on January 21 and 22, 2016.
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15 Dec 2015

Management changes within the Brückner Group

Internal management changes within Brückner Maschinenbau, Brückner Servtec and Brückner China
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09 Nov 2015

Kiefel at CIPM – China International Pharmaceutical Machinery

Kiefel participated for the 4th time at CIPM one of the largest pharmaceutical machinery shows worldwide. About 80,000 professional visitors came to visit the …
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02 Nov 2015

Automotive TPO Seminar in Suzhou attracted experts from the Chinese …

The seminar focused on processing TPO films under the theme “Making beautiful interiors” and took place at the premises of Brueckner Technology on 29th …
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21 Oct 2015

Zhejiang Nanyang is renowned for innovative specialty films – …

Many projects have been successfully accomplished together
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23 Sep 2015

A close collaboration between BYD and Brückner Maschinenbau

BYD chose Brückner Maschinenbau as a strong and reliable partner for their projects, based on the requirement of highest equipment quality and reliability …
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27 Aug 2015

Brückner’s Innovation Test Centre commemorates its 2nd anniversary with …

High speed sliding system approved for speeds up to 600 m/min
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06 Aug 2015

Fast & flexible shrink film production: Bilcare Research teamed up with …

Line start is scheduled for the first quarter of 2016
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31 Jul 2015

Computer virtualization for existing BO lines

Computer virtualization can help to extend the life cycle of the hardware and software on a film stretching line. It is the latest standard for IPC …
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09 Jul 2015

Conjunction between Brückner and China further deepened

Visit to Chinese Ambassador in Berlin
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10 Jun 2015

Xiamen Changsu successfully starts simultaneous BOPA film line

Several benefits for the production of high value BOPA films for advanced applications
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01 Jun 2015

Higher standards of shipping procedures

In pursuit of the promise „Keeping You Ahead“, Brückner Servtec is proud to announce higher standards of the shipping procedures:   Highest …
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27 May 2015

Strong interest of Chinese film producers for upgrading and service solutions

This year’s Chinaplas showed that Chinese film producers are increasingly looking for solutions to increase their product range in order to cope with the …
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26 May 2015

Chinaplas 2015: Brückner hits the market needs again

Visitors from all over the world were impressed by recently proved successful Brückner projects
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30 Apr 2015

Chinese Hengli Group conquers packaging film business with a considerable …

Breaking into a new market with consistent production, great efficiency and high-value products
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31 Mar 2015

Andreas Waldner new Head of Sales and Service worldwide

Brückner Servtec is pleased to announce that Andreas Waldner is appointed Head of Sales and Service worldwide as from now on.   Waldner joined Brückner …
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24 Mar 2015

Brückner’s 10.4m lines well-proven in the field

Utmost efficiency & minimum energy consumption
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27 Feb 2015

New laboratory extrusion line at Brückner’s technology center

Increased opportunities for in-house and customer initialized developments
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13 Jan 2015

Leading Chinese BOPP film producer continues its winning streak – …

A-grade film from the very start on the new 8.7 m wide state-of-the-art line
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22 Dec 2014

ChinaNewPlas exhibition inaugurated with strong Brückner presence

ChinaNewPlas was held for the first time ever in Guangzhou
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30 Oct 2014

Anhui Guofeng is still intensifying specialty film production – based on …

A new high speed BOPP line for special multi-layer film
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20 Oct 2014

Leading Technology Open House at Brückner China

Brückner Servtec, the service affiliate within the German Brückner Group, and Brückner Technology (Suzhou) recently hosted a joint Open House which focused …
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06 Oct 2014

Chinese specialty film producer Dongfang successfully starts second …

Latest state-of-the-art technology, designed to produce high quality BOPP capacitor base film
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08 Aug 2014

Yingkou Kanghui Petrochemical makes a great leap forward – thereby …

BOPET direct film casting technology put on stream perfectly
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10 Jul 2014

Battery Separator Film Demo Days at Brückner Premises

During the “Battery Separator Film Demo Days” at the Brückner premises in Siegsdorf, Germany, on July 8th and 9th, international film producers, battery …
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24 Jun 2014

Brückner at the 11th China International Battery Fair

Solutions met visitors' demand for high temperature applications and thin separator films
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05 Jun 2014

Second BOPP film line for Tianjin Huaheng with excellent start

Various first class packaging films in no time after start-up
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19 May 2014

Brückner’s expertise in engineering, planning and commissioning ensures …

Exemplary production start for Chinese Shaoxing Riyue New Materials with its second BOPET line
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05 May 2014


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30 Apr 2014

Brückner Servtec at Chinaplas 2014

Solutions for the profitable operation of film stretching lines
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14 Apr 2014

Quanzhou Lichang Plastic successfully upgraded BOPP-line to 5-Layer

The Chinese film producer Quanzhou Lichang Plastic teamed up with Brückner Servtec and upgraded its BOPP-line to 5-layer film production. With their …
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19 Feb 2014

Brückner Group acquires Swiss Texa AG

A perfect completion for the Group member PackSys Global
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18 Feb 2014

Zhong Li Fang Industrial successfully enters BOPP capacitor film market in …

For their BOPP-C film market entry Zhong Li Fang teamed up with Brückner and has now started their first production line at their headquarters in Huaian, …
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10 Feb 2014

Zhejiang Nanyang expands its specialty film business – with Brückner …

World’s biggest and most flexible BOPP capacitor film line ordered
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29 Jan 2014

Chinese film producer signs worldwide first BOPP-C simultaneous line with …

New LISIM® generation, specially designed for top-quality thin films
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28 Nov 2013

Fitness program for new markets

Brückner Servtec in the magazine "Kunststoffe international"
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