About us

About us

Brückner China

Innovative products and fruitful partnership

The primary objective of Brückner Group is to develop high technology and innovative products. Our insistence on quality is evident in our imaginative technological innovations. And we are strictly committed to customer satisfaction, adhering to contracts, deadlines and commitments. Our customers benefit from the considerable synergy potentials, as well as from the constant know-how transfer within the Group - ensuring technological progress, the best possible service and future growth.

As the representatives of the Brückner Group in Asia, there are two main organizations serving this market.

Brückner China Corporation manufactures parts in line with leading products of Brückner Group. At present, Brückner China Corporation has more than 80 employees. Relying on a batch of high-quality technical and quality management talents and a large number of skilled workers, Brückner China Corporation is engaged in parts processing in China, providing optimum on-site guidance and technical services for customers and obtaining great market reputation by combining all this with quality standard, high class workmanship and technical know-how of German based Brückner Group.

Superior experience, advanced technique and rich management experience of the Brückner Group enables Brückner China Corporation to deliver the greatest possible economical value to our customers, helping them to master tough marketplace challenges and enhance their profitability.

Brückner Far East Ltd.Hongkong is responsible for all sales activities of film biaxial orientation equipment , which is one of the main products of Brückner Group. With representatives located in Hong Kong, Beijing, Foshan and Taiwan for 30 years, Brückner has established an outstanding network and position in Greater China.

The Brückner Far East Ltd. Jakarta represents Brückner Group in Asia Pacific Market. Experienced Sales and Service staff based in Jakarta provide the close contact and fast services to customers in this area where Brückner Group also has a strong position and market share.