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Always one step ahead

The basis for numerous partnerships

Our group companies are market and technological leaders in their respective fields of business. This success is attributable not least to the first-class research and development facilities available at the locations of the individual Brückner Group companies. 

Research at Brückner 

Technology centre, pilot plant and laboratory facilities

Technology centres are a key element of our numerous partnerships within the industry. Since it was founded in 1960, Brückner Maschinenbau’s strategy has included operating the company's own pilot plant for process and technology developments. 

The laboratory facilities and technology centre enable:

  • Development of technological expertise for the market
  • Sequential or simultaneous stretching of a wide range of raw materials 
  • Verification and validation of new system components based on state-of-the-art technology
  • Joint development projects with raw material manufacturers, film producers and processors
  • Research and development work
  • Pre-marketing of new films
  • Training of plant personnel
Innovation Test Center
Lab Stretcher KARO® 5.0

Tests under production conditions

Pilot Line in our Technology Center
Film laboratory
KARO® 5.0 lab stretching frame
Chemical Laboratory
New Business Development
Innovative Brückner clips in the Innovation Test Center
Innovation Test Center
Pilot line in the Technology Center
KARO® 5.0 lab stretcher

Kiefel Technology Center

Research at the highest level in Freilassing

The modern Kiefel Technology Centre pools all the expertise and technologies in order to optimise customer service and customer satisfaction. 

The Technology Center enables:

  • Fundamental tests with new materials
  • Customer-specific developments
  • Product development and prototyping
  • Process optimisation / material savings
  • Testing and optimisation of new machine components
  • Product quality tests in the laboratory

Kiefel Packaging's applied polymer research centre

The best choice for materials and product testing

Kiefel Packaging has established a research centre for applied polymers at its Dutch facility in Sprang-Capelle in order to support customers in the analysis and reference testing of polymer films and end products manufactured in the extrusion thermoforming process. 

The research centre has yet to be certified externally, so the data provided can currently only be used for reference tests and analyses. Absolute characterisation is not permitted there at present. 

Reference tests are currently used:

  • To support tool development 
  • To identify extruded sheets for the commissioning of new tools and machines
  • To support materials and process development (e.g. heat-resistant PLA, thermally foamed PET processing) 
  • To support raw materials suppliers with material characterisation before and after extrusion and thermoforming in a controlled environment
  • To assist processors with materials selection and specification
  • To gain an insight into the opportunities and possible benefits for using filler materials, multilayers, additives, biomaterials and heat-resistant materials
  • To advise and support customers with easier evaluation and optimisation of production speed
  • To identify end-use and performance requirements, to comply with industry regulations or to solve processing problems 

Research at PackSys Global

Swiss precision and bespoke work

Highly qualified R&D and production teams work at specialised plants in Switzerland and Thailand. Our renowned Swiss precision engineering allows customers to optimise their performance and increase productivity sustainably.