Perfect partnership for battery separator films

13 Dec 2018

Chinese Senior and Brückner with a tremendous line start

For many years Changzhou Senior New Energy Materials has been the industry leader in the manufacture of battery separator films in China. For more than six years now they have had a close partnership with Brückner Maschinenbau. Within the relatively young battery separator film business, this is quite a long time. The joint success story – with nine Brückner separator film production lines already ordered by Senior to date – was recently crowned by the latest project.

One of the most powerful battery separator lines worldwide (width: 4.4m, capacity: 580kg/h) has started production in Senior’s brand-new and highly modern factory. The line has been stably producing high-quality film from day one, not least because of Brückner’s innovative user interface and the intuitive IMC process control software.

Mr. Chen Liang, Senior’s President says: „That this line is only the first out of a larger package is a clear commitment to us continuing our partnership with Brückner and the very positive emotional bond between both parties. The start of our newest battery separator line especially brought our relationship to a new level. In our many years in this demanding business, we never experienced to have good film on winder within one day. Thanks to our team and the Brückner specialists for such a fantastic effectiveness.“

As a global player, Senior also wants to be as close as possible to its European customers and business partners and build a network in the battery sector. Brückner Maschinenbau’s COO Helmut Huber looks ahead: “We believe the e-mobility market in the EU will grow exponentially and demand for battery and battery material will be huge. Thus, we are sure that Senior’s further investments in R & D and, maybe soon, in European factories, will guarantee them a major role in Europe’s electric vehicle revolution. We are really looking forward to being at their side.”






Perfect teamwork led to a perfect line start
Perfect teamwork led to a perfect line start
Top battery separator film from the start
Top battery separator film from the start
Lucky Brückner team on site
Lucky Brückner team on site

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