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Brückner company kindergarten

A good example of the Brückner spirit

The Brückner company kindergarten at the Siegsdorf facility has been in existence for over 25 years. It arose from the owner’s fundamental philosophy to provide employees with the best possible social environment: Family and work should be regarded as being equally important. 
The kindergarten makes it easier for employees, above all mothers, to return to working life quickly and unproblematically, without having to make any compromises in the care of their offspring. It also makes it possible for the fathers employed at Brückner to see their children more often.  


Fun and games in the Brückner company kindergarten

Brückner Betriebskindergarten

Königsberger Str. 5-7
83313 Siegsdorf
Ruth Wiedemann

Key dates

for the 2020/2021 kindergarten year

  • 15.02. - 15.03.: Registration for the kindergarten year 2021/2022 via the citizen service portal of the municipality of Siegsdorf 
  • 26.03.: Easter brunch
  • 07. - 09.06.: Parents make school bags for future schoolchildren
  • 18.06.: Solstice Festival
  • July: Preschool graduation party


  • 14.05.: Bridge day
  • 31.05. – 04.06.: Pentecost
  • 09.08. – 27.08.: Summer holidays
  • 30.08.: Planning Day
Hier können sich die Kinder richtig austoben
Der Betriebskindergarten von oben
Sustainability is very important for the Brückner Group. The kindergarten children visited the Yes, we care showcases.
Look, touch and learn
The children know a lot about recycling.