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Latin America’s film production flagship is taking shape

09 Okt 2020

Oben Holding Group signs second 10.4m line for new plant in Colombia

In November 2020, Latin America’s leading film producer Oben Holding Group, Peru, and Brückner Maschinenbau will start South America’s first 4-layer 10.4 m high-speed BOPP line in their new greenfield film factory in Barranquilla, Colombia. To further expand the scope of the new site, Oben Holding has started another big project, a second high-output line, this time for BOPET film manufacturing.

When going on stream in 2021, the line will decisively complement Oben Holding’s existing BOPET capacities and make the company a big player in this field – both at regional and international level. And the new line will be a technological highlight for the whole region: 

  • 10.4m working width and high line speeds for utmost productivity in polyester packaging film production
  • Direct flake dosing for energy optimized in-house material recycling
  • Brückner’s unique 2-gap MDO stretching system for optimal BOPET film properties
  • Highest flexibility in film processing due to double-side inline coating
  • Latest, energy saving TDO stretching oven concept with lowest maintenance cost

Besides this, it will be the world’s first BOPET line with Brückner’s sliding chain track system FOK 8.8 inside the “Transverse Direction Orientation Unit”. By further developing Brückner’s well established high-speed track system from the BOPP production (for high speeds up to 600 m/min), a new chain for BOPET production was engineered. In comparison with the traditional technology, using a roller bearing chain, the sliding system convinces by evidently lower investment and maintenance costs, resulting in efficient production costs and total cost of ownership.

On the whole, the new Barranquilla location will decisively increase OBEN Holding’s local and export BOPP and BOPET film capacities as well as their overall position as one of the film manufactures for all the Americas. Moreover, Barranquilla’s 10.4m lines for BOPP and BOPET will make this BO location one of the most modern in the world. 

The company’s Technical Director, Erik Sosa, says: “Our new plant in Barranquilla, Colombia, starts operations next month with BOPP, continuing with BOPET in 2021. The capacity of more than 50,000 tons/year for each line and its strategic location, with direct exit to the Atlantic, reaffirms our commitment to all our customers worldwide, by providing greater capacity, better delivery times and diversification of supply.”

Brückner Maschinenbau is proud to be further on part of this success story!

Yamal Zaidan, CEO of the Oben Holding Group (right), and Helmut Huber, COO Brückner Maschinenbau (left), after signing the contract.

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