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Fabulous start for the world’s largest BOPET line

15 Feb 2021

UFlex and Brückner defy the Corona crisis

When Indian packaging film giant UFlex and Brückner Maschinenbau started their latest joint project in Poland some months ago, the Corona crisis did not make it any easier. But an exceptionally professional cooperation between both companies as well as with Polish and German health/public authorities resulted in responsible, safe travel arrangements. Then on site, UFlex staff took perfectly care of the Brückner team in their guest house according to all rules of the art, guaranteeing a safe stay under strict observance of all security measures. 

So, UFlex and Brückner specialists could continue the start-up process – and the efforts have paid off: UFlex’s brand-new 10.4m BOPET film production line – the most sophisticated of its kind worldwide – had a flying start. Film properties such as thickness profile and optical properties showed saleable quality already on the second day and are within UFlex’ challenging specifications ever since.  

Production speed is nearly continuously beyond 500m/min, at peak values up to 550m/min, always with best isotropic film properties and even with high quality inline coating. Production lots above 48 hours (and even up to 100 hours) without a single interruption are achieved regularly, steadily producing A-grade film. Line uptime is extremely high, it reached already in the first weeks after the start up to 95%. Also responsible for this is the future-oriented digital platform „Brückner ONE“. This new operation and control system contains intuitive analysis tools and various assistant systems, available at the click of a mouse, ensuring such a high line efficiency.

UFlex’ Polish BOPET line is certainly the highlight of the current collaboration between UFlex and Brückner. Brückner Maschinenbau’s COO Helmut Huber is really satisfied – and sees more: “Also the successful start of huge UFlex BOPP projects in Egypt and Hungary should be rated nearly just as highly, especially in these times. With this joint success in the back, UFlex and Brückner once again created a benchmark in the BO industry. Brückner is looking forward to be again partner of UFlex in future challenging projects”.

Over the last three decades, UFlex has grown with large manufacturing capacities of packaging films and packaging products providing solutions to clients across over 140 countries. Headquartered in Noida (New Delhi) it has state-of the-art manufacturing facilities in India, UAE, Mexico, Poland, Egypt and USA. UFlex has a vast production capacity for BOPET, BOPP and CPP films and offers packaging for a wide variety of products such as snacks, confectionery, cereals, beverages, noodles, soaps, shampoos, oil, spices, dairy products, frozen food, pet food, pharmaceuticals, lubricants, automotive and engineering components and many more.

Production speed is nearly continuously beyond 500m/min, at peak values up to 550m/min.
The TDO of world’s largest BOPET line

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