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12 Sep 2017

Increased line availability with optimized spare parts management

Having the right spare part at one’s disposal when it has to be changed at the line is crucial for the line’s uptime and production performance.


But what spare parts are necessary at the line at which time? For sure, it does not make sense to have all parts available all the time. Apart from the immense cost, most warehouses will be bursting at the seams, too.


In order to identify the right parts, Brückner offers a Spare Parts Audit which gives recommendations for an optimized spare stock. The OEM-experience of over 50 years in the biax-machine supply and service and approximately 700 Brückner lines in the market, provide the excellent knowhow base for the condition evaluation of film production lines.


The Spare Parts Audit consists of an optical assessment of the film production line and the spare part stock by Brückner experts and the responsible persons at the customer. It follows a detailed analysis of critical spare parts to minimize the risk of line down time. Over the years of line operation there is a shift in the spare parts relevance. Therefore, recommendations for future spare stock management and optimization are part of the audit. In case the customer has several, similar lines at the same location, he will receive proposals to exchange spare parts in stock among the lines, i.e. there is no need to keep identical spare parts in stock for each line at the same time. Additionally, product discontinuations, especially for electrical parts, are announced at an early stage. Finally, the audit includes proposals for parts logistics to improve internal processes. Therefore, the audit report becomes a useful addition to the line’s maintenance documentation.


The customer benefits from the Brückner expertise, is informed about the latest technical developments, gets the most out of the spare part budget and maximizes the line availability.



  • Maximize line availability

  • Optimize warehouse space and cost

  • Share expertise with Brückner specialists

  • Be informed about latest developments