Automation & Electrical Upgrades

Automation & Electrical Upgrades

Tailored to the needs of the film production industry

Latest technology for highest productivity

Brückner’s Integrated Process Control System (IPC) increases your line’s reliability and availability. It is specifically tailored to the needs of the film production industry, which guarantees you best support by Brückner. As the IPC system “speaks” your film specific language the handling of the system is easy for operators.

The advantage of the Brückner IPC system is that one single system takes care of the control of your entire line. That means for you less variety of installed hard and software and results in lower cost for system maintenance, service and support.

Your benefits

  • Increased line reliability & availability
  • Faster troubleshooting
  • Repeatable recipes and adjustments
  • Reduced waste and maintenance
  • Secured spare parts supply
  • Easy handling and support

Additionally, we provide a 24-hour service hotline within the first year of operation.